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How to Make the Smartest Decision

Written by Scott M. Guzman

It is a big challenge to buy a real estate property for the first time, it is tempting to purchase the house that falls in your price range or just continue to rent. To make things clearer and easier to understand, examine the things to consider before buying a real estate property.

Look for a real estate property

Take every advantage of all the available resources for looking for a real estate property, ask help from your real estate agent. Search for online listings of real estate properties, ask around the neighborhoods, and approach your family, friends, and business contacts.

Contemplate on your financing method and secure financing

The first time buyers of real estate properties have a wide variety of options that can make them purchase the real estate property. Some of the buyers have federally-backed loans and loans for real estate buyers.

There can be customized programs for you, and be careful of the interest rate of the mortgage, it will have a major impact on the total price of the real estate property.

Make a deal

The real estate agent will give advice and knowledge on how much money you have to offer for the real estate property with the other conditions being laid. The agent will then relay the offer to the real estate seller, the seller will either accept the deal or issue a counter-offer. You can accept, make deals again until you reach a certain deal to call it quits.

Moreover, if an agreement has been closed, you will deposit a certain amount of cash and the process then converts into an escrow.

Do you escrow?

Escrow is a short period of time where the seller can have the real estate property out of the market with a contractual expectation.

Have the real estate property inspected

Do not be deceived by the outer design. Always secure a home plan to purchase the needed materials, have a trained professional to inspect the real estate property for the quality, safety, and overall well-being of a potential new house.

Negotiate with the real estate seller whether there is a need to make the repairs or a discount of the selling price. Do not worry if the property inspector can detect serious defects that the seller did not disclose, there is a refund and you can revoke the deal.

Close the deal or move on

After the inspection and did not reveal any severe problems, and a deal has been offered to the seller of the property, be ready to close the deal. In closing the deal, paperwork should be signed and there will be final stages upon dealing and paying—the real estate property will be appraised, a title search for the property, obtain a private mortgage insurance or a piggyback loan, and complete mortgage paperwork.